Current Study

Praying The Names of God

Click below to hear a beautiful song about the names of God:

These Are The Names Of God: Tommy Walker

1. JEHOVAH: Exodus 3:13-15 I AM WHO I AM. God is dependable, faithful and totally deserving of full trust and reverence.

The Fear of The Lord Is The Beginning of Wisdom: Tommy Walker

2. JEHOVAH M’KADDESH: Leviticus 20:7-8  God who sanctifies. God makes us holy as He is Holy by the washing of the water of His Word.

Sanctify Me: Danny Nettie

3. God IS INFINITE: God has no beginning and no end. God cannot be measured or fully defined.

Infinite God: Troy Bourne

4. God is OMNIPOTENT: God is all-powerful. There is nothing too hard for God, nothing unknown by God.

Indescribable: Kierra Sheard

5. God is GOOD.  Speaks for itself :).

You Are Good: Israel Houghton

6. God is LOVE. God is the essence of LOVE. It is through God’s acts of love that we begin to comprehend a love so encompassing – that is directed at each of us. God’s love is most vividly shown through the person of Jesus Christ who, for the JOY, willingly died a cruel death on the cross to pay a debt we owed but could never pay.

God Is Love: Mercy Me  and Jesus Is Love: Lionel Richie

7. JEHOVAH JIREH: God provides! There is nothing we need, beginning with salvation, an eternal provision, that God cannot and will not provide.

Jehovah Jireh

8. JEHOVAH SHALOM: The God of Peace.   When we rest fully in God, we obtain peace that surpasses all understanding. God’s peace sustains us even when everything around us seems to be spinning out of control. We experience that peace in the person of Jesus.

My Peace: Maranatha Singers

9. God is IMMUTABLE: God is perfect and unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. That makes God dependable!
Unchanging: Chris Tomlin 

10. JEHOVAH RAAH: The Lord is my Shepherd.

Psalm 23:Juanita Bynum

11. God is JUST. We can trust God because God is just and righteous. God is fair and equitable in a world where those things often seem non-existent.

God of Justice: Tim Hughes

12. God Is HOLY: God’s holiness is unique and incomprehensible. It’s difficult to imagine a holiness that is totally pure and untainted.

Hunger For Holiness: Carman

13.  God is JEHOVAH RAPHA: God heals – physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally – there is nothing that concerns us which God is unable to heal!
14. God is JEHOVAH SABAOTH. The Lord of Hosts; Lord of Armies. God is THE General & Commander of Heaven, earth and humanity, all created to declare the Glory of God and to perform God’s will. Yet, the Lord of Hosts is always with us, in every battle.
15. God is OMNISCIENT. God is all-knowing. Nothing is a mystery to God who sees and knows all things from end to the beginning. God knows everything about YOU and that is a comfort.
Day 16: God is OMNIPRESENT. God is absolutely everywhere. There is no place that God does not exist. God Is Everywhere: Collin Buchanan
Day 17: God is MERCIFUL. God’s mercy is clearly seen through Jesus Christ who paid the price for our sins through death on the cross. This mercy follows us for the rest of our lives, covering us in our failures, engulfing us in God’s love.
Day 18: God is SOVEREIGN. God is in charge or everything, every situation. Because God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, God rules.  This includes every aspect of our lives. God is God.
Day 19: God is JEHOVAH NISSI. God our banner. The battles are not not ours; they are Yahweh’s!
Day 20: God is EL SHADDAI. Might of the Powerful Ones/God Almighty/All-sufficient sustainer. God nourishes, sustains, supplies, and protects mightily.

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