Research for a new book, A Leader’s Song: Lyrics to Inspire, Nourish and Encourage The Soul

I am working on a new book, a collection of song lyrics that those in leadership, from mother to CEO, would find inspiring, nourishing or encouraging. To make this a really spectacular resource, I need YOUR assistance.

Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey.  There are only a few questions and your thoughtful, detailed responses will be greatly appreciated.

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Exciting Announcement

I am delighted to announce the arrival of my newest project, a children’s book HEZEKIAH LOVES MUSIC: LEARNING RHYTHMS THE FOOD WAY.

This is an adorable, full color illustrated children’s book that teaches readers to read and play simple rhythmic patterns. From child to seasoned citizen, experience the joy of learning to ‘read’ music in a simple, fun way.

You may order the book directly from me at this website –  It will be in the on-line bookstores within a few weeks but no need to wait; get your copy directly from me. And if you haven’t gotten your copies of my other books, those are available as well.

Be blessed.
Rev. Donna

Available Soon – Hezekiah Loves Music:Learning Rhythms The Food Way

Reserve your copy today!!

This adorable book tells the story of Hezekiah, a little boy who absolutely loves music. In his hands, everything becomes a percussion instrument on which he plays exciting rhythms. Readers are invited to learn Hezekiah’s rhythms using the ‘food’ method.  Parents, teachers and children will love learning to read simple rhythmic patterns.

Cox at the Dayton Book Expo

No Longer Afraid: Breaking Free of the Fear That Has You Bound, is available even if you missed the Dayton B ook Expo on Saturday, May 1. Simply send a check for $13 to me or order on-line at amazon, books a million or barnes and noble.

Thank you so much for your support.

Thank you so much.

No Longer Afraid: Breaking Free of The Fear That Has You Bound

Order your copy of my latest book today!

$13 each copy, including shipping and handling

Send your check or money order payable to PERSONAL BEST MINISTRIES LLC • 211 Stratford Lane • Xenia, OH 45385

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