Dr. Cox is an articulate and passionate speaker, strong musician, and expressive singer. As an educator, she has a heart for developing and leading young minds to greater knowledge. As a minister, she is committed to employing and disseminating the principles of the Word of God to empower others to live productive lives. I strongly recommend her as a lecturer, presenter, speaker, conductor or clinician for workshops and conferences! (Dr. Rosephanye D. Powell, Nationally renowned composer and Professor)

Rev. Donna Cox is a multi-gifted woman of God. She is a skillful writer which is evidenced in her preaching, writing of books and teaching. She is ingenious in her capacity to draw you into whatever she is teaching or writing about in a way that the reader/listener becomes an active participant in the story. Rev. Donna is also a masterful vocalist and music professor.  (Theresa Buycks, Facilities Manager Omega Church)

It is without any reservation that I write this recommendation for Rev. Dr. Donna. I have been connected to her energetic and spirit filled ministry for over 10 years. Donna really cares about reaching out and connecting to people. Donna Cox Ministries is dedicated to making life better for those who are trying to navigate a real Christian experience with day to day trials of work, family and community service. You’ll find her writing poignant, her ministry relevant and Rev. Dr. Donna’s enthusiasm infectious. I have no doubt that your organization will find her presentations nothing less than exhilarating.  (Basim Blount, Final Cut Pro Editor)

One of the most energetic, focused musicians whom I know, Donna Cox is a trusted colleague upon whose musical insight and creativity I place the highest value. She is dedicated to her art and profession at a level surpassing that of mere vocation—her devotion to her faith and musicianship represents deeply intrinsic spiritual conviction and passion. As a scholar and teacher, Dr. Cox is able to transfer her leadership ability to the classroom and onto paper. A prolific and extraordinarily productive musician, minister and educator, her desire and drive for constant personal and professional development have always been hallmarks of her personality. Her vision—whether musical or personal—knows no boundaries; and, even more importantly, she is equally adept at bringing this vision to fruition via uniquely effective leadership gifts and her ability to work exceptionally well with persons of widely diverse musical, education, ethnic, economic, and/or religious backgrounds.  (Dr. W. Weldon Hill, Virginia State University)

I celebrate the musically gifted, pastorally sensitive, missionally aware, and evocative work of Dr. Cox. (Elise Eslinger, United Theological Seminary)

It was a joy working with Donna at the University of Dayton. She was very supportive of me, my goals and my work there. She was always available for consultation and as an administrator was fair in her decision making. As a teacher she cared about her students and wanted to ensure that they were connecting with the material. She is also a fine musician with a dedication to ensuring broadening her audience’s experiences to music from all types of under-represented individuals. Her exemplary work with promoting African-American female composers will certainly be one of her most important contributions to the field of music. (Dr. Mark Porcaro)

Donna Cox is a highly spirited and deeply spiritual person who has served on the faculty of the Music Department at the University of Dayton for many years, acting as department chair for several of those. She is a fine musician, and a helpful colleague. (Prof. Jim McCutcheon, The Guitar Man)

Couples, families and individuals seeking relevant insights on contemporary issues will greatly enjoy this anointed and multi-talented preacher, counselor and musician. Highly recommended!  (Rev. Dr. D.L. Perryman, pastor)

Rev. Donna Cox is an inspiring, energetic, and persuasive educator and leader on the campus of the University of Dayton. Prof. Cox has proven herself a passionate lecturer and a highly informed educator in music and music history. She is masterful at helping students gain confidence, skills, a stronger sense of self through expression, and most importantly, to better understand others through the arts. (Dr. Judith Huacuja, Art Historian)

Rev. Dr. Donna energizes those around her to exceed limitations, to create solutions, and to respond to one’s true calling. She inspires action, promotes connection, and embodies possibility. Rev. Dr. Donna is a rare and genuine blessing, gifted with humor, and generous of spirit. She is a motivator, a leader, and a good friend! (Prof. Lee Hoffman, Central State University)

Rev. Dr. Donna Cox is a very talented and hard working individual. She is efficient, uses the most cost effective strategies to get the job done, creative, and passionate about anything that she takes on as a professional task. Dr. Cox is also personable and the kind of person you want on your team.  (Michele Andrea Bowen, M.A., M.P.H., M.S.W., M.Ed. Author, Grand Central Publishing Division of Hachette Book Group, USA NY, NY)

Rev. Donna Cox is a dynamic, authentic, innovative minister and teacher. I have had the pleasure of attending several of her workshops and teaching sessions. She is a powerhouse in a petite package. You want to know her. Once you meet her, you’ll not soon forget her. (Clarissa Davis-Lindsey, member of Marriage Builders Ministry)


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