Book Comments

Rev. Donna, as I read this book, I felt you had placed all of my feelings on paper. It’s like you had been inside of my head for the past 47 years and just knew I was ready to be free from those things I’ve bound myself in and with. I could hardly put the book down. Every moment we had to ourselves, I was in this book. It spoke loud and clear in my spirit…. (S)


I finished reading your latest book: No Longer Afraid …, this morning.  I was tremendously blessed by the personal stories, illustrations, and the transparency with which you shared each life lesson.  I found myself envisioning your face and I could actually hear your voice in the stories and that voice brought both laughter and pain.  So many of the chapters read in the true “Donna” form – the style and voice of the manuscript preacher who speaks candidly and colorfully! You so vividly painted heart-felt messages through the use of carefully crafted words and anecdotes.  Many of those messages spoke directly to my personal struggles with fear, worry and anxiety and gave me sound and insightful instruction that I will hold close to my heart.  Thank you. (V)

I am thoroughly enjoying reading your book, No Longer Afraid.  I would like to order four more copies for gift giving. Thanks so much for writing such a wonderful book with insights and antidotes that I know will help me and others. (G)

I recently finished your book. It couldn’t have come at a better timing. Several of the topics and stories were similar to things I heard during the intern retreat. As physicians, we’re type A by nature and tend to have lots of insecurities and fears early in training. I’ve become a lot more aware of my reactions and responses to life’s trials and tribulations. Thanks for the positive influence. (L)


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