Baby Shower Resources

Baby Shower Games and Activities

1. Prayers for the Family.

Download tprayers for the familyhe form and copy enough for each guest to have one. Use pretty papers. This is what I had and I thought it was pretty for a boy baby and had a timeless look.  Ask guests to complete each form and collect them in a binder for the family to enjoy for years to come.

2. Baby Boy and Baby Girl Scattergory (click boys or girls to download)

Print enough copies for each guest. There are four rounds for BOYS.  There are five rounds for GIRLS.  Using Baby Girl Scattergorya timer give guests 2 minutes to write. After the timer goes off, compare answers. Any duplicated answers cancel each other out. Guests may use creative answers but other guests will have to approve the answer. You are not allowed to use colors (ex. red shoes) or numbers (ex. Five teddies) to fulfill the category.  Have fun!  The guest with the most points at the end of the rounds wins!!

3. Famous Babies
Famous Babies

Give guests a few minutes to remember and name these famous television babies.

Download here.

Famous Babies key

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