Getting Healthy Instead of Skinny (Lord, can I have both?)

Now that I’m in my mid-50s I realize more fully that gaining weight is EASY, losing it is just the opposite. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter most of my adult life. You know everyone knows it when a former student asks  ‘What diet are you doing now, Dr. Cox?’  That’s too much.  Something has to give – once and for all.

I also realize that getting healthy is much more than fitting into skinny jeans (there is NO bikini in my future). Getting healthy means taking a holistic approach to life and determinately seeking health in the ways that matter: God, family, friends and self.  Jesus is the model. We are told in Luke that Jesus grew in wisdom (training the mind and learning to apply the knowledge garnered),  stature (attending to the physical body) and in favor with God (developing a knowledge and relationship with God that informs decisions and actions) and with (wo)man (developing and sustaining right relationships). Jesus also understood the value of knowing who He was, whose He was and following His purpose with passion. Jesus didn’t get His value from external sources.

The gift of life is a wonderful thing, a precious gift that we often take too lightly, especially when faced with a double chocolate fudge brownie with ice cream, a platter of fried chicken or lounging on the sofa surrounded by greasy snacks watching a good movie. Nurturing the gift is not going to happen by accident. Being healthy requires intentionality, making good decisions in the here-and-now. I’m a planner so it is very easy for me to create a detailed, lofty plan for eating, studying, working out, connecting with family and friends, praying… the list goes on. Actually FOLLOWING the great plan is another thing altogether, one I’m not so good or consistent at. However, I’m determined to learn to take things one step at a time.  As Pastor Doug said, I’ll ‘do the next right thing.’ That’s it. No magic formula. No huge plan. No falling into the pit of despair over not following the lofty plan.  When I begin to do the next right thing purposefully and consistently I believe I will be healthier and maybe, just maybe, a bit skinnier.


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