Why Spring?

At first glance it seems interesting, perhaps even counter intuitive that we would celebrate the resurrection at this time of the year. The sorrow of the cross seems better suited for the dark days of winter. Instead, as the days continue to lengthen and flowers push their way out of ground that’s been hardened and compacted by winter, we remember the day Jesus pushed His way up, out of grave cloths that had Him bound. As we watch trees sprout leaves and showy spring blossoms, we think of Jesus shaking off the stench of death from the cruel crucifixion and three days of decomposition. By all things… normal?… Jesus should have been dead, never to be seen again. As I survey my yard I see the tenacious plants defying the gravel we use for mulch to take their rightful place in the garden. No stones will keep them in the ground. And in seeing them, I imagine Jesus commanding a much larger, more imposing stone to get out of His way! No rock would hold Him in a tomb when His work had not been completed. For, if Jesus’ story ended in the dark days of winter, in His death and burial, my own story would be totally meaningless.

Why spring? Because, our plants are a constant reminder, in miniature form, of the way Jesus shook off the ravages of winter’s death, stretched His limbs while they reactivated and GOT UP! As our plants make their presence made known, we see the power of life over death. Winter reminds us of the seemingly barrenness of death (a subject for another time). Spring reminds us that we live because Jesus got up and yet lives! We can turn our faces to the warming sun and let it thaw the ravages of cold deep in our spirits. We can open our souls to the healing and nurturing rains and be glad!

If we but only take the time to really look, we can see evidences of new life, new hope, new reasons to rejoice!


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