To My Precious West Family

Farewell to cousin, Kenneth Lee West, better known as Kim!

To my family,

It is with sorrow and hope that I write on behalf of your Dayton family. The funeral places a period at the end of Kim’s life – our Kim – cousin, brother, uncle, father, friend. Yet, that period doesn’t have to signify the end of Kim’s impact in our lives. We each have a store of memories from which to draw. Though I’ve spent the majority of my life living far from Sanford, and I didn’t really get to know the adult Kim, I thank God for the precious memories of the little boy with the ready laugh that I grew up with, the boy I played with, shared meals with, fought with – no wait, that was Mitchell (smile).  Our memories of Kim reduce the finality of the period. Yet, as precious as our memories of Kim are, his death gives us something much more important. His passing gives us an opportunity to reflect upon and re-evaluate our own lives. None of us knows how much time we have left. As it was for Kim, death doesn’t often give advance warning of its arrival. We don’t get a chance to yell ‘do over’ when we look at our yesterdays. And tomorrow is a gift we only hope to unwrap. Today, right now, is the only time we have. In this moment, as our lives are intimately touched by the passing of our precious Kim, we face our own immortality. When the period is placed at the end of our lives, when we’ve closed our eyes for the last time in this world, where will we open them? Where will we spend eternity? This is a critical question. It is my deep desire that we have a serious family reunion beyond Heaven’s gates. I want to know that every member of our family will live forever with Christ. Yet, as important as this question is, we cannot afford to neglect the here and now. Don’t be content to simply slide into heaven. Walk boldly, knowing you’ve lived a victorious life, doing the best with what you have. The God who created Kim, who formed him before (Aunt) Mae and Daddy (Uncle Robert) even met, is the same God who promises each of us an abundant life, the God who offers the blessed hope that we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! This is Kim’s gift to us.

I love you all.
Donna McNeill Cox
Gerald, Jonathan, Jamie, Hezekiah


2011: Things To Make You Go Hmmm

2011 – Can you believe 11 years have passed since folk thought every computer would crash or the world would end at Y2K? It just proves that God is the only one who knows the future. In fact, God is the only one who HOLDS the future. As I sit on this side of 2011 I do so having had two deaths within a week: Uncle Henderson who died on 12/26 and Cousin Kim (Kenneth) who died 1/2. Their deaths bring clarity to a couple of important issues, ones we might tend to allow to grow out of focus if we aren’t careful. The first I’ve already alluded to: God alone knows what tomorrow brings. Because we don’t know the future, it is critical that we answer the important questions. Where will you spend eternity? What is the most important thing in your life? In what are you investing? In whom are you investing? What do you most want to accomplish with the time you have left? There are many other questions but the answers all stem from the way you respond to the first question I posed: Where will you spend eternity?

The second area that tends to grow fuzzy relates to priorities. If I were to ask you to list the most important things in your life I think most people would write the ‘ideal’ list – God, family, health etc. However, if they compare their espoused priorities with their actual ones, they would find a serious disconnect. 2011 is a wonderful time to bridge the gap between what we say is important and on what we really ‘spend’ our time, energy and money. I use the word ‘spend’ deliberately.

I encourage you to devote some time to thinking about these two areas: 1) You don’t have any idea just how much time you have left on this earth. Tomorrow is not promised, yesterday is not a ‘do-over’ and tomorrow is a gift you hope to get to open.  2). What are your real priorities and how do you make sure they stay crystal clear?

Be blessed in 2011.

Exciting Announcement

I am delighted to announce the arrival of my newest project, a children’s book HEZEKIAH LOVES MUSIC: LEARNING RHYTHMS THE FOOD WAY.

This is an adorable, full color illustrated children’s book that teaches readers to read and play simple rhythmic patterns. From child to seasoned citizen, experience the joy of learning to ‘read’ music in a simple, fun way.

You may order the book directly from me at this website –  It will be in the on-line bookstores within a few weeks but no need to wait; get your copy directly from me. And if you haven’t gotten your copies of my other books, those are available as well.

Be blessed.
Rev. Donna

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