Eradicate The Shadows

As I near the time when we’ll watch 2010 slip into 2011 (on my knees as we’ve done most of the past 30 years), I think about all of the ways I’ve willingly allowed the enemy to do what he does best: kill, steal and destroy. 2010 has been a blessed year in so many ways and before 2011 arrives I will deliberately focus on those (see  Yet, at this point there’s something else that must claim my attention.

I’ve been on a mission to complete unfinished projects hanging over my head. And I’ve been successful in several arenas. A couple of projects will need to be totally retooled making them effectively new. Others need to be scrapped altogether. But the biggest, most important project that must be completed before the end of 2010 relates to house cleaning and temple cleansing.  I realized early this morning as I lay in my bed having ‘a little talk with Jesus’ that I still have unfinished spiritual business. I started forgiving a few people for deep hurts and I didn’t go all the way. I prayed for deliverance in areas but didn’t complete my work. I asked for painful memories to be excised; I anointed my home against unwelcomed and illegal spirits. In each of these cases the good work was begun and in most, through spiritual negligence on my part, that work wasn’t completed.  This morning, hovering between sleep and full awareness, I heard myself asking God to eradicate the shadows of every sinful act and thought (mine & anyone else who lives here or who has ever visited).

Perhaps you’ve been on the amusement park ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. Holograms of ghosts dance across ballroom floors, sit at dinner tables, sleep in beds and even leave the ride sitting in your car. Likewise, many of us have shadows of spirits living in our homes, in our hearts, minds, and souls. And though they have no real substance they serve as constant reminders of failure and pain. Though they are insubstantial, they continue to weigh us down. Like invited guests, they make themselves comfortable in all parts of our homes and lives, ensuring that we stay anchored in a past that God has already forgiven and wants to move us beyond.

The good news is there are several days left in 2010 – plenty of time to eradicate the shadows.

I refuse to give a free ride to anyone or anything that adds no value to my life. Time, like a river, is ever moving. I don’t want to have to wonder why life seems to be passing me by. I want to live life, not endure it. God sent Jesus – the reason for this season – so that you and I could have an abundant life, one so full that it overflows onto everyone around us! Living with shadows is not a full life. Living in the shadows is not prosperity. Shadows dwell at that juncture between light and darkness. Turning the light up to its fullest, most brilliant setting dispels every shadow. Too little light creates shadows! Jesus IS the light, not just of the world but of my world and of your world. So, Jesus, I ask you, in the words of the old hymn, to ‘shine the light of heaven on my soul (on my home, on my marriage, job, finances, children – every part of my life) and if you find anything that shouldn’t be, take it out and straighten me. I want to be right; I want to be saved; I want to WHOLE!! Help me eradicate the shadows!


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