Live it!

Our greatest challenge is not being freed of the sin and guilt that often ravage our lives. As soon as we turn to Jesus and acknowledge our sins we are forgiven. As soon as we reveal the hurt, Jesus touches it with the balm of Gilead. As soon as we lay down our burdens Jesus picks them up.  No, the greatest challenge isn’t getting free, it is LIVING FREE. Perhaps your struggle is similar to mine. I concur with Paul – the things I don’t want to do (worry, be fearful, feel guilty over things I did by co-mission, omission and plain stupidity, fret), these things I do automatically. The things I want to do (love the unloveable, forgive those who have used, misused, taken advantage of me) these things I often refuse to do! BUT God, loves me with an everlasting love. God, even knowing how much trouble I would be still chose to adopt me into the Royal family with all of the rights, privileges, responsibilities that my big brother, Jesus, has!

So, it’s time for every believer to stop sitting imprisoned behind unlocked doors, stop carrying weights Jesus is willing to shoulder. It’s time to hold your head up, put some pep in your step, get back in your lane, and start walking like the victorious person you already are. Rebuke the spirit of poverty and that defeated mentality. You are more than a conqueror. You have been freed from everything that anybody has ever said about you or to you. Watch your language. Stop telling yourself you are depressed, oppressed, repressed.  God cleans your life but you’ve got to clean up your attitude and language!

You are FREE! You are CLEAN! You are PROPSEROUS. You are HEALTHY. You are HAPPY. You have a WONDERFUL FUTURE and a great RIGHT NOW!


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