What’s Your Filter?

I was listening to Marvin Sapp sing The Best In Me. I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it:

He saw the best in me,
when everyone else around me,
could only see the worst in me

He’s mine and I’m his,
it doesn’t matter what I did.
He only sees me for who I am

And every time I listen I raise my hands in praise that my God, the creator of the universe, looked at me and saw the best! There were and continue to be so many other things God could see. Though I often pretend they don’t exist, in my unguarded moments I can see those things in myself yet to be totally surrendered to God. Yet, despite all of it, God saw and always sees, the best in me.

Today, I went through my normal ritual of praising God for looking beyond my faults when the Holy Spirit began to work. For the first time I really pondered those words and acknowledged the reason God sees my best and not my mess. God sees me through the prism of the blood of Jesus! That’s reason enough to shout. Of course, I already knew that but sometimes I take it for granted. Still, this was not what the Holy Spirit wanted me to consider.

Jesus loves us enough to cover our sinfulness so that God offers grace instead of the justice we so rightly deserve. Jesus does this knowing our every fault. He covers us despite the times we reject him or hurt him.

Today, I invite you to consider two things the Holy Spirit showed me.

1. Jesus covers us so that God sees the good in us. Jesus is to be our example of righteousness. Yet, too often we are unwilling to cover our brothers and sisters. Instead, in our words and actions, we seem to find joy in exposing their brokenness for all to see. If truth is told, we do this much more often with the people we are supposed to love the most: our children, our spouses, our parents. Friends, decide today to cover the people you love with prayer, grace, mercy.

2. God looks through Jesus Christ and sees our best! Number one will be easier to do if we begin to see people through the filter of Jesus Christ. When we look through our own pain, through our own limited understanding, through our own experiences, even through the prism of the wrong others have done to us, we will always see the worst in people. But when we view them through Jesus, we see people made in the image of God.

Marvin Sapp’s song is a wonderful reminder that, even as we celebrate the blessed privilege of knowing God sees our best, we must extend grace to others. Imagine how families would be transformed if husbands and wives made a conscious decision to see the other as God sees him or her. Imagine the confidence children would have if every adult in their lives would stop concentrating on their flaws and see them as gifts from God. We have the power to change our worlds if we simply take off our blinders and put on the filter of Jesus Christ.

What filter are you wearing?


One Response

  1. When I first heard this song the another song
    came to me that I love also Amazing Grace
    Shall Always Be My Song Of Praise He Looked
    Bryond All My Faults And Saw My Needs

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