Six Months: Don’t Waste Them

In 2007 I went to the hospital to visit a wonderful young man, 21 years old and in the psych ward.  As I sat there with him, trying to keep it light and praying for him and his parents, I thought of my own son. Then, I thought about my family and felt moved to write them. As I wrote, I felt the Spirit take over and direct my words. It’s interesting that I found the letter I had written almost exactly 3 years ago. I felt compelled to post much of what was written on that day and  pray God will bless you.  I’m not sure what happened to this great young man, a person with great gifts, such talent but I know that Satan is a liar!!!   As I think about our family, as I think of the people I teach, counsel, coach and mentor,  I see wasteland instead of places that are rich and vibrant.  In so many of us- yes, I intentionally said US- there have been spirits of defeat, melancholy, depression, apathy, fear and anxiety working – sometimes manifest in a variety of addictive behaviors.  We have let our circumstances speak in our lives instead of letting the spirit of God speak!  More than ever I believe it is incumbent upon all of us to be fully released and on guard against the subtle attack of the enemy!
For years, satan has told us that our situations- lost jobs, broken marriages, no marriages, low finances – whatever- we’ve let satan tell us they were TRUTH.  But Satan is a liar!! From the pit of hell he tells his lies and we accept them- if not outright, we internally accept them as truth and then act on that. Satan is an expert at showing us things that are FACT and making us think they are TRUTH.  Satan doesn’t know zip about truth!   If he understood truth he’d remember that he is already defeated and leave us alone!  But our God is the God of truth!   In the case of this young man, it is fact that he is in a hospital and having problems but it is NOT truth. The truth is that he was already healed even while he sat in the hospital! Since then he’s graduated from undergraduate and grad school!! It doesn’t matter what things look like.   And that’s the truth for all of us.  For years many of us have listened to lies that Satan whispered in our ears about our situations.  I’m telling you that we’ve got to first stop letting him get close enough to whisper to us!!!   And we’ve got to know the truth of God’s word – we are more than conquerors- not just winners, we are MORE than conquerors!!   If we accepted that as FACT we could be released from being less.  We are not supposed to be depressed and oppressed. We’ve got the mind of Christ available for and to us. We are royalty! If the cattle on a thousand (and more) hills belong to God and we are God’s children, doesn’t it stand to reason that the cattle also belong to us?

I hear the clock ticking and see the calendar sweeping past the days of the year!  Please, I beseech you, let this be the year that you lay full claim to all that God has ALREADY prepared for you!  Let this be the year that we tell Satan what he can do with his facts as we tell him the truth of God’s word!  Let this be the year that we stand up and walk boldly in the giftings that God has put on our lives.  I don’t know about you but I have often been guilty of letting fear rob me of the greatness and the excellence to which God has called me.  No more!

Will you join me in making the rest of 2010 a pathway to the FULLNESS of God’s revelation in our lives?  Will you join me in the birthing room as we deliver the dreams that we’ve often kept hidden- even from ourselves?  There is still time!  As long as we have breath, we have hope. And our hope is not empty. We hope in the God of hope, of peace, of joy, of love, of prosperity!  There are nearly six months left in this year, nearly six months to really live the abundant lives that God desires for us to live.  Don’t give the enemy any more of your time, your energy.  Don’t waste another day to depression, to fear, to anxiety, to laziness, to frustration!  I see businesses, books, healed families, healed bodies, financial blessings overflowing, new ministries, healed relationships among siblings and cousins, new attitudes and new altitudes!


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