Do You Want A Revolution? Whoop Whoop

We’ve started a new study: One Home At A Time: Restoring The Soul of American Through God’s Plan For Your Marriage & Family: Dennis Rainey

“The only real revolutions are those that change the

mind and the heart..”

We live in an era crying out for revolution and reformation.  There are churches on nearly every corner and humungous mega churches on television and the internet around the clock. YET, marriage and family relationships are appalling and break the heart.

Definitions for the words revolution and reformation offer insight for those tired of seeing marriages fail at astounding rates, families fall apart, children and parents acting in disrespectful and dishonoring ways while the ‘church’ sits idly by.

Revolution: a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving;

Reformation: improvement (or an intended improvement) in the existing form or condition of institutions or practices; rescuing from error and returning to a rightful course

My Sunday School class members are being challenged to launch a personal attack on the kingdom of darkness which wants to destroy marriages, families, communities and the world. I mentioned earlier that the ‘church’ is standing idly by. It is… because WE are standing idly by. We feel hopeless and helpless so we don’t act. We expect the pastor, president, government officials – always somebody else – to effect change so we don’t take personal responsibility. And while we, the Church of God, stands idly by, the enemy is kicking major butt! See, the enemy NEVER stands idly by. The enemy doesn’t take a break and the enemy doesn’t blame-shift! The enemy is on his job 24/7.  It’s time for a revolution! It is time for a reformation!

A true revolution only occurs when one person’s mind and heart are engaged in such a way that he or she is compelled to make a change.  One person can make a difference. History is filled with people who were compelled to act because of something going on in their lives. The book details the actions of Martin Luther whose heart was broken by the selling of indulgences.  You might not have to look that far. Some of you were raised by an Aunt or Grandma who stepped in to rescue you from abusive or neglectful parents.  You can, in fact you must, be willing to take a stand!   God specializes in making generational changes by touching one person at a time! Be that person!

Family Reformation requires Revolution!!

Do you want a revolution? Whoop whoop.

Read Chapter 2 in the book for next week’s discussion!


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