Dreaming or hearing from God?

I am not going to pretend I am an expert on dreams or interpreting them. What I do know is how many times God has used dreams in my life. Often my dreams have been prophetic, warning me that one of my children needed prayer, that there were demonic forces working in certain relationships or that I needed to open my eyes and heart to issues I would rather avoid.  Of course, sometimes it seems the dreams are the result of too many fatty foods before bed or watching crazy television programs.

Recently, I found myself questioning some of the dreams I had been having and wondering what, if anything, God wanted me to know. And is often the case God sent me on a quest for knowledge.  Almost immediately I opened my latest copy of Spirituality and Health and found an article called “Developing a Dream Practice” written by psychotherapist, Thomas Moore. As a result of reading Moore’s short piece, I decided to see what I could find on the web about Christian dream interpretation. I found an article I’ve found helpful.  [I’m posting the article for your benefit. Since the writers make it available as a free download I’m assuming they won’t mind if I share it here.] God is so intentional in the way He deals with us. Within a week’s time I saw several Facebook friends whose status mentioned their dreams. Clearly others are thinking about this, if only in a passing fashion. For me, this is only the beginning of a journey, one I’m taking slowly and carefully. I understand the risk of assuming too much or taking everything I read at face value. Yet, I know dreams are important; the Bible is FILLED with examples of God speaking through dreams.

I’m interested in your journey with dreams.

  • How has God used dreams in your life?
  • If you think it’s all hocus-pocus I’m interested in that as well.
  • If you have some wonderful resources about Christian dream interpretation, I’d love to know about them. Post them here so others can benefit.

Be blessed!

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