Chapter 7: Offspring, Oddities & Obstacles

I was on a trip to Portland and someone else was teaching this particular chapter. I almost skipped it for the moment, thinking I was too busy. Had I done so, I would have missed hearing from God. By that I mean I would have missed the arrow God shot directly through my muddled brain and into my spirit. This is good, yall. Get the book!

Jakes uses unwanted fetuses as a metaphor for the unwanted “spiritual embryos left behind from our previous associations with dead things.” (86) He is careful to say that he is not advocating abortion so please, as you read this do not allow yourselves to get sidetracked on that particular issue.

In the last chapter Jakes taught that we need to stop associating with dead things, people and relationships!  We are called to newness in Christ. Many of us don’t act new because the stench of death is still all around us and in those places that we have not allowed God to clean out.  Jakes teaches that we must seek out AND DESTROY the progeny born in us from our past relationships.  These are “offsprings of another time when we were less spiritually mature” and we cannot allow them to exist in us. (86)  These feed on our fears and insecurities. They suck the life out of moments that should be precious. “If not destroyed, the residue of early traumas will attach itself to your successes and abort your missions and goals.” (87)

This is the critical point; You and I are the source from which these unwanted babies draw nourishment. We are the ones who feed it and we are the only ones who can starve it.  They exist in our minds and feed us wrong thoughts. We’ve already learned many times that wrong thoughts lead to wrong words and wrong words lead to wrong actions. Our thoughts feed our greatness or our insecurities. We have the ability to choose what we think.

Now this was the line that hit me between the eyes; “Every remaining embryo that ties us to a DEAD ISSUE can be and must be aborted.” (92) There are some issues in my life that I KNOW are dead yet, in unguarded moments, I still find myself ruminating about them. I still allow the memories precious time that could be and should be spent in better pursuits. Instead of starving these embryos I feed them and allow them to grow stronger! I appreciated Jakes’ reminder to “Put Christ on the throne and [my] past on the cross!” (93)  You and I can offer all of our dead issues to a living Christ.  We won’t ever forget the hurt that people have caused us. The memories will still exist. However, WE choose HOW to remember what we’ve been through. This is critical and I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. If our hearts are so clouded by unresolved issues, if the mind is so clogged with unwanted memories, if the spirit is not free, how can we truly see God?   If we want a fresh move of God, if we want to see God more clearly we have got to clean out the systems. When we do, we will get a fresh vision and experience a new move of God.

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