Chapter 3: Delayed But Not Denied

There were some really great points in this chapter, ones that spoke to me on a number of levels.  Jakes reminds us that it seasons of struggle are necessary.  We learn in Ecclesiastes that there is a season for everything. Likewise, in our lives, there are seasons when things go well, ones where it seems like most areas in our lives are lying fallow and there are inevitable seasons of struggles. The trick is to learn to trust God in every season.  God uses seasons of struggle to purify us, to show us what we need to work on.  Those things that we think are so bad, Paul calls “light afflictions” (2 Cor. 4:17)  Seasons of struggle don’t last always. And with each temporary setback comes “opportunities for fresh commitment and renewal.” (32)

Jakes reminds us that we should not make permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances. This is such good advice. I’ve been personally guilty of rushing into action when times get rough. I see it in marriages all the time. Things get rough and people bail. That’s a permanent decision based on a temporary situation! We see it in our children when they learn that life isn’t always about having a good time so they want to drop out of college instead of staying committed.  God created each of us with a destiny in mind.  And in those seasons of delay it is critical that you remember this. No matter what you are facing, God has already determined the time of your deliverance from the situation IF YOU JUST STAY THE COURSE.  No matter what the enemy throws at you, there is nothing he can do to abort God’s plan for your life. (33)  At the same time, there is nothing you can do to rush God’s timing.  Trust in God’s perfect timing for you. That timing is not the same timing as your friends. God knows you so intimately that he has numbered the hairs on your head – not counted. “He knows which hair is in your comb!” (41)


Sometimes God puts you in a holding pattern in   much the same ways that air traffic controllers periodically do planes. When God has you circling, it might feel as if you are suspended in mid-air with nothing to hold on to. You may feel as if there is no place for you to get a toehold. It may be scary. It can make you anxious if you refuse to acknowledge that God is an ever-present help in the time of trouble. God upholds you with His right hand! God promises never to leave you nor forsake you. God would never send you into a wilderness experience without provision. So, if you’re in a holding pattern, remember that this is just a delay. It’s not denial. There is something that God needs to work out IN you, FOR you and THROUGH you.  Don’t let people who don’t understand your God or that you have an appointment for destiny make you act rashly. Don’t let your own fears get in the way. God always keeps His appointments.  God never forgets you! God would never just leave you hanging!!

While you’re in that holding pattern, pray. Seek God. Double check your GPS system to make sure you haven’t somehow wandered into unmarked territory. And rest in the comfort of the one who is holding you.


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