Chapter 2: Don’t Count Me Out

Our next study in Insights To Help You Survive Peaks and Valleys leads us to ask ourselves some difficult but critical questions:

1. Are you intentionally getting up when you fall/fail or are you throwing a pity party and inviting everyone you know – including God?  If you choose to stay down when you fall, don’t expect God to show up. Jakes teaches “The Lord doesn’t like pity parties… [and] He seldom attends.” (21)  Failing is never fatal IF you choose to learn what you are being taught and make up in your mind to get back up and PRESS forward.

In the book, Jakes likens falling down or adversity to yeast in dough. When dough is put into a warm environment, the yeast is activated and it causes the dough to rise. Likewise, when you are in a situation that makes you feel as if you are being pressed on every side, the yeast (the power of God in you) is activated and you CAN rise. If you’ve ever made rolls with bad yeast (or forgot to put the yeast in) you know that what you end up with is not decent for eating.  These hard rolls started out with of the necessary ingredients to taste good. However, because there was no catalyst for growth, they never reached their full potential /purpose. If you’re trying to face tough times without the power of God working inside you, forget it. You’ll end up hard, dry and about as effective as a paperweight.

2. Are you pursuing a goal; are you totally committed to the pursuit of excellence; are you relentless in this pursuit OR do you dabble in a little of this and a little of that, never really knowing what it is that you were created to be and do?

According to Jakes, most people have things out of order. We spend many hours “trying to convince God that He should bless what we are trying to accomplish (ideas often born out of the womb of our minds and not God’s” Instead, we need to “spend hours in prayer for God to reveal His purpose.” (27) When we do what God created us to do, blessing is a natural by-product.   Jakes makes a distinction between talents and purpose.  God has given each of you gifts that you are supposed to use. However, the way those gifts are used should be directly related to your purpose.


Romans 8:28 says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”  Before you were born God established a purpose for your gifts and talents. It is your job to seek God and then pursue your purpose. Stop today and check your location. Are you in the will of God? Are you on the road to fulfilling your purpose? This is crucial because God protects where God directs!

Think of this as using a GPS system. When you put in your destination (your purpose), the GPS tells you where you are right now. The GPS system doesn’t start you at the destination. It locates where you currently sit and then instructs you on ways to get to the destination.


Some people will find that they are already on the road to their purpose. Others will discover that they are on an unmarked road. The system will warn you about the potential danger of being in unmarked territory.  And it will tell you to move to a place where you are out of danger of being lost!  No matter where you find yourself, the important thing to remember is that God IS THERE. God IS your GPS system. And as long as you listen to the directions of the GPS system you WILL end up moving towards your purpose.

Pursue your purpose with excellence!


One Response

  1. Rev. Donna,
    You’re so right…. Many of us live our lives, including setting goals, without consulting God. We’re here to do His work…not ours. The only way we’ll know what to do is through prayer and daily seeking His wishes. I find it always helps me to pray to Him in the morning with a “send me, Dear Lord” attitude. No matter what happens after that, I feel blessed knowing that God is my compass (GPS) and will send me in the right direction…

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