New Study: TD Jakes – Insights To Help You Survive Peaks & Valleys

Hello friends,

Grab a copy of Insights to Help You Survive Peaks & Valleys by TD Jakes and join me on a journey to being blessed! insights

Each week I will post a brief summary (or summaries as necessary) of the lessons. I invite you to COMMENT or QUESTION. Let’s get a dialogue going.

You are also invited to join me on Sunday mornings at Omega Church at 10:00 for the study.

Be blessed!

Lesson One : The Transformers

God created the first transformer when, out of the dust of the ground, He created Adam. From this one man, God transformed “the man into a marriage. Then He transformed the marriage into a family, the family into a society, etc.” (10)  The power to transform was intrinsically placed into the man from the beginning. Likewise, when you were born, God placed into you bountiful potential to become what God created you to be.

As an illustration let me draw your attention to the caterpillar and the butterfly. God created each of you to be beautiful butterflies, able to soar above the problems that weigh you down. And though some caterpillars are attractive creatures (if you like this kind of thing) they still should not remain in this state!  This was not how they were intended to live.



God did not create you to crawl around like a caterpillar!  You were created to SOAR Just as the beautiful form & all of the characteristics of the butterfly are hidden within the caterpillar, so is it with you!  “Life has chiseled many of us into mere fragments of who we were meant to be.” (11)  Just remember that the one who works in you is greater than any of your trials, any of your situations and any of the things that have weighed you down in the past. You have the POWER to TRANSFORM and with God’s help it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE.

Change, Bishop Jakes reminds us, is a gift of God. No matter what has occurred in the past, if you are willing, God is able to help you make the necessary changes. But, just as the caterpillar does not change into a butterfly overnight, just as there is struggle in the metamorphosis, change in your life will require struggle and prayer. Becoming a butterfly means casting off some of the wrong labels people have put on you. It might mean throwing away some that you’ve put on yourself!

I used to love the theme song from the original transformer cartoon series. Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye.  That describes me. And it describes you! When people look at you, they cannot see all that God has created you to be. They see your outer shell. They see your actions (which admittedly might not always line up with the transformation that’s taking place inside). They see what they want to see. BUT, you are more than meets the eye. Scripture teaches that eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into the imagination of onlookers all that God has already ordained you to be, the seeds of which were deposited into you before the foundation of the world. And God, through your repentance and struggles, will PRESS it out of you!

Come on, transformers! Begin the metamorphosis today!


4 Responses

  1. I’m sorry; I don’t know but I think if you checked his website you might be able to find it.

  2. Does anyone know what the name of the sermon is that Bishop td jakes talks about and uses pictures to describe the transformation the butterfly goes through that is similar to us as people? Please email me if you know what it is called.

  3. I particularly like your comment when you said, “people see what they want to see.” I know I have broken out of that caterpillar stage, and yet I have a few more colors and details to bloom for my butterfly profile. Thank God for deliverance from people…

  4. Thanks for this summary, Donna. I appreciated the analogy and personally find myself going through some process of metamorphosis … I so want to be a beautiful butterfly! Since I am engaged in the WOW class, I am unable to attend, but I will attempt to follow the study via this site.

    Much thanks!

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