# 3

3.    The third thing you learn is that weeds can be very difficult to distinguish from flowers.  When I was in the yard trying to ferret out the weeds, I kept pulling up flowers instead. Weeds often look like the real thing. They often have pretty buds on them and you might be tempted to let them grow. However, if you do, they will soon take over the whole yard and the things that you intended to grow are smothered out by the fake. I know too many people who have been fooled by weeds. The weed looks like the real thing.  And they let them grow because they have pretty flowers or leaves. I’ve seen people throw their marriages away over weeds – a man or woman who made them think that God was “finally” answering their prayers. God never gives us weeds but God does expect us to tend our own gardens. I’ve seen children toss away a college education because fraternities and sororities took precedence over their studies.


2 Responses

  1. Lisa, you are speaking strong spiritual truths! This is going to find its way into a sermon soon 🙂

  2. Sometimes it works the other way around too. Today I bought something called Chocolate Chip Bugleweed, but it’s not a weed as it’s name would suggest. It’s actually a perennial ground cover that also goes by the name of Ajuga. Sometimes something looks to us like a weed; undesirable, not really what we had envisioned for ourselves, not really my type, just not me. But that very same thing – that weed – might just be what God has in mind for us. You know that guy who’s not your type might be who God has chosen as your life partner. That ministry you keep saying no to might be where God wants you to serve; a place where you can be a blessing and be blessed. That job or career that just wasn’t in your plans might be the place where you blossom. We’ve got to rely on the Holy Spirit to help us discern the difference between the true weeds and the true flowers.

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