Part 2

2. The second thing you’ll learn is related to the first: weeds will grow in any crack. It amazes me that weeds will grow and thrive if there is even a tiny opening. Take a look at your concrete drive or walk the next time you get a chance. If there is a tiny crack, you can be certain a weed is going to make its home there. I often wonder how the heck a weed can make its way up through a layer of sand, gravel and five inches of concrete. I don’t understand it but I know that it happens. I see this happen in marriages all the time. People get married (I hope) intending to stay married forever – at least that’s what they vow to do. Yet, they don’t close the gap. They leave the tiny opening that if things don’t work out the way they’d like, if the other person gets on their nerves too much, if their spouse doesn’t make them happy they can always divorce. As soon as you admit that divorce is an option, the crack opens and weeds begin to grow. And since over 50% of the folk who enter into the covenant of marriage are divorcing, there must be a lot of cracks.


2 Responses

  1. Lisa, pretty soon we’ll be coming to your ordination 🙂 But yes, this is a wonderful perspective! I’m just getting ready to post #3 but you’ve already given us a wonderful wrap up to the series so I’m going to point people back to your response as the culminating word!! Thanks.

  2. I was listening or reading (I can’t recall) a master gardner speaking about weed control the other day. He said that the more densely you plant your shrubs and flowers the fewer weeds you will have. The good plants will choke out the weeds. I’ve purchased a whole bunch of perrenials to plant in an effort to decrease (albeit not eliminate) the weeds.

    Isn’t it the same with our faith. The more we sow good seeds the fewer the weeds. If we replace sinful thoughts with Godly thoughts; if we daily seek God through prayer; if we study His word; if we stay in fellowship with believers; and if we strive to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit….these are the things that choke out sin.

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