Prayer for the Season

(borrowed from Karen Edmisten)

Dear Lord,

When I become harried and impatient, when I think I have too much to do
and not enough time, when I feel burdened by obligations, responsibilities, activities and busy-ness, please, Lord, give me the grace to remember, always to remember, that my obligations, responsibilities, activities and busy-ness
spring from an abundance of blessings. Enormous, ineffable blessings.

Help me to see my busy days and busy ways as the privilege and the gift  that they are.

Help me to remember, pray for, and tangibly support those who are not “burdened” by too much to eat, too much to bake, too much to decorate,
too many books to read.

Help me, Lord, to see the Advent of Your birth as a time to remember all of these things, to drop to my knees and thank You, always to thank You, for so much undeserved Love.



3 Responses

  1. That’s the question of this generation – Why all the busy-ness every day of our lives? All of the things that were supposed to make life easier – computers, cell phones etc – really are stealing our lives. And we have started to wear busy-ness as if it were a badge of honor. The focus of the semester of sabbatical was to find a sense of balance and realignment. That has proven to be more difficult than writing a book. It is my prayer that we all recapture the sense of joy and wonder that God provides daily. As I (re)learn the skills I believe this is the message for this generation.

  2. Why all the busy-ness, decorating, running to and fro? I just want to stop the madness, rewind and remember; always remember the greatest blessing of all. The gift of Christ to the world. He grace and mercy are sufficient. May we take this time to share His good news.

  3. What a great prayer! I so needed to have these thoughts in my life right now… Thanks, Donna!

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