Lesson 8

Last week we studied a simple, yet critical concept for living the warrior’s lifestyle: what we accomplish in life, the mark we make for God is directly related to our outlook and attitude. As discussed lesson, rather than concentrate on those things that we have no control over we DO have control over how we think and act.  Rev. Jackson teaches that character virtue or blemishes will define our unique personal fingerprints and the marks we leave in history. (109) Often we allow the enemy to gain an inroad in our lives in a number of ways. There is a formula that I intuited from Jackson’s writings.

PRIDE (believing that you can/must/should handle your situation on your own, without any help or acting like God needs your help)

+ a fundamental LACK OF TRUST in God’s ability to provide


Anytime we rely on our own abilities we, in effect, say to God that we don’t think God is capable of taking care of what is bothering us or that God needs our help. And ‘leaning to our own understanding’ is always a recipe for fear and anxiety. There is something deep within each believer that understands our need for God and other believers. Left to our own devices, we can make a real mess of things. I know I am hearing an amen from somebody!  And we keep a crazy cycle going. We operate out of fear and anxiety which drives us to try to work things out on our own.  When we recognize that this formula is at work in our lives we need to immediately stop and apply the following three steps.

  • 1. Apply God’s word to the situation.
  • 2. Repent of our sin. Yes, pride IS a sin!  Repent of the sin of ignoring Godly wisdom – from whatever source it has come. Most of the time our spouses, coworkers, pastors, friends, are speaking words of wisdom to us. Yet just as often we don’t listen because we may not like the speaker or may not appreciate the way the words were spoken. That, too, is sin. Repent!
  • 3. Change your outlook/attitude.
  • 4. Stick with it. Change takes time, sacrifice and commitment to stay the course.

With God’s help, you will come out of the situation victoriously!

The latter part of the chapter details how warriors use the beattitudes as counter-cultural attitudes. If you’ve not really read them, I encourage you to do so. (111-120). I am personally convinced that God is calling all believers in the 21st Century to commit to living a counter-cultural life. We are being swept along in a tide that is destroying our families. And when families are destroyed, a nation falls!


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