Ten Ways to Ensure that Your Spouse Feels Loved

This is from Family Dynamics Institute.

1.     Pray with your spouse every day.
2.     Enjoy a “date” every week with your spouse.
3.     Spend 10 minutes each day listening to your spouse share his or her day.
4.     Discover & fulfill four ways your spouse likes you to receive affection.
5.     While at home wear only what the other desires you to wear, as long as you feelcomfortable doing so.

6.     Give your spouse 15 minutes per week to ask you any question and answer each question honestly.

7.     Spend 5 un-interrupted minutes each week telling your spouse what you specifically appreciate about him or her.
8.     Ask your spouse what domestic chore he or she would like you to do for him or her, and do it.

9.     Save up to $25 this next month that you would normally spend pampering yourself and put it into your retirement fund.

10.     Spend at least two hours every week for the next month doing something enriching for your entire family.


One Response

  1. These are excellent suggestions for ensuring that your spouse feels loved. We all need suggestions as well as reminders so we don’t forget to nuture our most important earthly relationship. It is so easy amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life to neglect the one who is most important. We usually remember to nurture our children and grandchildren, but too often we forget how important it is to nurture our spouse. I know I am guilty. I pray that God will continue to grow me towards becoming a better husband to my lovely wife.

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