Chapter 1: Is Your Head In The Game

In this first chapter, Harry Jackson helps readers understand that we became warriors in a battle as old as the ages the moment we accept Christ into our lives. Jackson says ‘the moment a person is born again, he or she becomes identified with a King and a Kingdom.’ (20) Our war is a very real war. The enemy is determined to win and we have to be just as determined to thwart his efforts. In class I reminded people that we are not Sam the Sheepdog fighting Wile Coyote. We don’t clock in, engage in dangerous battles, take a lunch break, fight some more then clock out with a ‘see you tomorrow’ on smiling lips. The enemy is not playing games with us. Winning the war requires training and discipline.

We fight the war at two levels: air control and on the ground. Winning in the ‘air’ requires focused, persistent prayer. It also requires using the word – out loud. Consider the way a two year old ‘wins’ battles over going to bed or getting her way. She uses her words – out loud. You rarely if ever see a two year old sulking. That would be easily ignored. Instead, they lay claim to the air. Likewise, Christians must lay claim to the air. Speak the word. Discipline your thoughts and your words.

We fight land battles over the ground that we occupy, at work, home and play. God has strategically placed each believer in territory that he and she must lay claim to for the sake of the gospel. Whether you are a doctor, janitor, stay at home Mom or millionaire, that ground is yours to take for our King! If we don’t, the king of this world will place his flag on that spot and claim it as victory. Every person has special gifts to use wherever they are stationed. Don’t be AWOL.

Jackson teaches that ‘becoming a world-class warrior demands a lifestyle based upon discipline, commitment and the Word of God.’ (23) This study promises to help us develop these skills.

I invite you to join us next week for lesson two: Warriors and Warfare: Fight the Right War in the Right Way.


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