Hello everyone,

I made a teeshirt with ‘’ embroidered on it. As I traveled from Dayton to Florida and even during check-in, I was asked several times if this were a real website. After talking to the people who told me they would visit such a website and asking for their input on what they would want to see, ‘grammyspeaks’ was born. Although it is a new site, readers can expect to find sage advice, recipes, articles, resources, and a host of other materials designed to nurture and care for families.

Being a grandparent is such a blessing. I am honored to have this platform to share, not just my own experiences but those of others who have ‘been there-done that’ with the help of God!

I invite you to

1. visit

2. comment on any of the posts

3. send any information that you think would be helpful to readers to me at

4. pass on the url to any people you believe would benefit.

Thank you for your continued support. God is doing a marvelous work. I hear from people all over that they are reading the blogs but just not commenting. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Rev. Donna


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