Chapter 8: Priorities

This chapter is the one that leads couples to really make a 100 day commitment to their marriages. The author details three activities that every couple ought to do together every day: pray, share feelings, encourage each other. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Also sounds like something we ought to already be doing on a daily basis without having to read it in a book, doesn’t it?  If we ought to already be doing these things, then why are so many marriages in trouble?  The answer for most is that our relationships no longer take priority over the other things we let crowd our schedules. Remember when you were dating?  Weiss reminds us that we didn’t find time to be together. We made time. Because we wanted to impress the other person, because our relationships were top priority, we made sure to schedule quality time with our lover.  After marriage, many people just can’t seem to find five minutes to sit on the sofa and tell the other person about their day. How sad. If we are to change the horrific divorce statistics we must make our relationships top priority.

I challenge every married couple to set aside 100 days to reestablish their marriages as top priority. Spend a few minutes every day telling your spouse something about you – sharing a feeling (not just a thought). Spend a few minutes every day giving your spouse a sincere compliment. And, husband, take the initiative and pray with your wife every day. To get the recommended procedure, please read this chapter of the book. The information is life-changing!


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