Happy Birthday and Thank You

Today is my 50th birthday! Where did the time go? It seems as if only yesterday I was a college student, then a graduate student. A short time ago I was a younger, slimmer wife and mother of two darling toddlers. When did my toddlers become adults, one finishing a masters degree and the other a young mother, herself? When did the face that looks back at me start to not match the vision of the face I carry in my mind? Little Donna

This morning as I had my quiet time I thought about the fact that I have reached 50 years of age- three times the age my birth mother was when she died.

PeggyPeggy died suddenly and unexplicably when she was not quite 16 years old, carrying my brother or sister with her to heaven. I wonder what she thinks when she and my heavenly sibling see her baby girl at this point in my life. I know she’s always been there, watching from her place on the other side but I wonder what she sees and thinks. She didn’t get a chance to help me grow. She was not here to protect me when I needed it. She wasn’t here to dry tears, wipe skinned knees, cheer when I sang my first solo, puff her chest out when I received my degrees. She didn’t get to punish me for being disobedient, to teach me how to be a lady. She hasn’t been here to hear any sermons I’ve preached or concerts I’ve conducted. Yet, believing God is sovereign, I know she did just what was her task to do. Peggy’s job was to live those short years, to bless those few who even remember her and to give birth to me. If that sounds narcissistic it is not meant to be so. God had a purpose for my life, one that is constantly being revealed (especially when I get myself out of the way). God chose Peggy as the one who would bring me into this world. Through her life, and even through her death and the ensuing years, God has been shaping this vessel for God’s holy purpose. Would I have chosen a different path? Certainly. Would I have wanted Peggy to live? Absolutely. I am just now coming to the point of really appreciating her and being grateful instead of angry that she died and left me alone. She didn’t choose that path either. From the little bit I’ve gleaned about Peggy, she loved her little girl (me).

So, on this 50th birthday, I give honor to the mother I never knew. Thank you Peggy for giving me life. Thank you Peggy for whatever you had to go through as a young mother, a girl really, since you were so very young when you conceived me. Thank you for being an angel encamped about me. Tell my brother or sister hello. I love you.

Your little girl!


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  1. About the time Mama Peggy went to heaven with your little brother she asked God if he could send him back in another mother. Even though I can not yet prove it, I find it to be true. So you have a little brother.

    Big sister, I’ve puffed out my chest when telling about my sister the music professor, the chair of the music department at the university where she works. I’ve dried tears when listening to one of your sermons and reading your book. I’ve puffed out my chest when visiting your house, your website and listening to songs you’ve written. I’ve puffed out my chest when talking about your world tours and when expressing to folks that this ain’t no ordinary person so don’t expect ordinary when you come in contact with her.

    I join you to honor Peggy. If not for her, I would not have had the big sister to share in and influence my life as you have.

  2. To God Be the Glory! Yet another thing we have in common! My mom was very young 16 when I was born and it is as if the Lord gives some his children of children a protection unforeseen! Donna [dr. cox still in my mind], your destination and destiny are soooo out of your realm of comprehension, a vision yet unfolding. You’ve always been loved and an inspiration, don’t ever let that demon get to you ever again, ya hear! Hope your birthday experiences have been simply INCREDIBLE!

    LaRita, Lia and lil bit

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! I feel honored that you chose to include me in these intimate deals of your life and humbled by your faith and strength. I too am on my own journey and I am learning to believe in and trust in God. Your story comes at an important time. I value our friendship very much.

  4. Donna,

    Mama Peggy is so very proud and was able to leave you only because she too somehow knew, that God is sovereign! In the coming year, revisit the prophecy as given through me from the Lord….He has great things yet for you to realize. Be blessed my sister. Happy birthday….


  5. I can’t believe I figured out how to respond! I am a true techno-phobe, but am glad I can share what a blessing it has been to have you as a little sister. Love you much and happy birthday. Welcome to my decade.

  6. Donna Marie,

    God has has a very unique way of causing opposites to attract even if the opposites are hewn from the same cloth or thread. In this year of Pentcost (Jubilee) for you, God’s best is my for you. May you be all that you ARE destined to and more! keep being creative, assertive, beautiful, and most the loving woman of GOD you are!

    I’ll see you Saturday! Love you,


  7. Happy Birthday Rev. Donna!

  8. What a wonderful purpose, to give birth to you. I do not think she took that responsibility lightly. Even though she did not grow to know you as an adult, she knew, I know, even then , what a wonderful soul you have. All your questions will be answered later, take rest in that.

    Happy Birthday , Donna.

  9. I thank God for Peggy to! I appreciate the journey you’ve had to get where you are spiritually and emotionally. I look forward to CONTINUING the journey with you!

    Much love

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